Our architectural design comes from rich understanding of environmental & cultural issues. Our architectural proposals are landscape-led, flowing naturally from their setting. Architecture is a crucial element in an integrated approach to the design of places.

landscape & context-led architecture

A rich sense of place and identity emerges out of our concern for history and tradition. This dialogue with the local vernacular shapes the building form and choice of materials.

The scale and setting of our projects requires us to balance the use of sustainable building systems, economic viability, and the need for variation and interest - often across broad sites.

The sensitivity of our process allows for a symbiosis between built form, landscape setting, and historic and social context.

private residences

Rummey Design has been commissioned to undertake a number of private houses in conservation areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

projects include

  • private houses
  • Grove Vale mixed use development
  • Norris Castle enabling development
  • Borrow Farm residential development
  • Cricketts Farm listed building
  • Ashford residential and carehome