landscape design

For us, landscape design means the total design of the external environment. Architecture, engineering and landscape are integrated for maximum effect. The design of these elements should be seamless so that each contributes to the quality of the whole.

Our commissions range from team member contributions to leading landscape-led masterplans on a large scale. Whatever the scale, we take the design of soft and hard landscape, lighting, and signage seriously to interpret 'landscape' as the design of the total environment.

public realm

The importance of the public realm cannot be over estimated. Experience in the USA, Europe and in the UK indicates that quality in this area is essential to generate confidence in an ‘address’.

For example, our work in Coventry had a major commercial impact on adjacent land, enabling regeneration there as well, and investment in The Oxford Science Park generated a rental uplift of £40 per square metre.

We are now applying this experience to schools, transport, and pedestrian infrastructure as well as entire new settlements.

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