tourism and hospitality

Rummey Design has undertaken large scale strategic tourism studies. We have worked with consultants in Oman and South Africa and have masterplanned many resorts and tourism-based attractions in Mauritius, Scotland, Jamaica and England.

All resorts or attractions, outside urban areas, are based on the quality of the landscape. In some cases it is the reason why the resort exists at all.

Recent designs aim to reinforce this sense of place by using the landscape to enhance the experience.

Specialist resorts in Mauritius, the golf-inspired Scottish resort gWest which includes 26 large villas for sale in the first phase of 120 in total, the World War II code breaking centre at Bletchley Park to expand paying visitor numbers to 180,000 per annum (currently fundraising), and the Grade I listed building-based Norris Castle Resort in Hampshire to include residential development, hotel, spas etc are current examples.

our role

Our role in these projects varies from strategic masterplanning and the gaining of planning Consents, to landscape design and planning.

our work

  • Le Morne, Mauritius
  • Sandwich, Kent
  • Legend Court, Wales
  • Norris Castle, Hampshire
  • Bletchley Park, Bedfordshire
  • gWest, Scotland
  • Ntshondwe Resort, South Africa

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