We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

Our award-winning approach brings together architecture, urban design, landscape architecture & the environment.

We create value for clients through quality design for development, obtaining Consents and producing places of distinction. Our integrated proposals combine design, environmental consultancy and consultation. At Public Inquiry we successfully demonstrate rigour by careful evidence-based design, carrying this thinking through to development completion.

Consents Achieved Recently


South Park Studios

Rummey Design obtains "no prior approval" confirmation from Sevenoaks District Council on conversion of office to residential use at South Park Studios. Business carries on as usual at The Armoury, Sevenoaks.

Bourn Airfield, near Cambridge

Development at Bourn Airfield, near Cambridge. South Cambridge District Council have Resolved to Grant planning permission for this long-term strategic project (19th February 2021). This proposed new settlement involves 3,500 dwellings, three schools, community and mixed-use buildings, employment and workspace barns, environmental and infrastructure works. This is a landscape-led masterplan but also concentrates on the urban design of neighbourhoods, the centre, streets and spaces, landscape and the form of development so that the current and historic landscape will form part of the future character. The Second World War runway is to be retained as an important legibility and recreation space. Rummey Design has worked on the project since 2012, producing key masterplans, and is delighted to have been involved since then as part of a team to achieve this result.

Reigate Grammar School

Working with staff and Governors at Reigate Grammar School, Rummey Design has developed a strategy to improve the school’s external environment, focussed on a new landscape for the Peter Harrison Foundation Centre, under construction. The strategy will improve the working environment for staff and students, rationalising vehicular and pedestrian circulation and greatly enhancing the ambience of the School. The first courtyard and gardens around the Harrison centre are complete as the first stage of an overall plan.

Borrow House Farm

Rummey Design are commissioned to undertake four separate planning applications for four bespoke houses of great quality, building on existing outline planning consent. Our role encompasses bespoke architecture, landscape design and environmental matters to create a prestige development of four houses on this very special site in the Greenbelt.

Sutton Road, Maidstone

Rummey Design continues to assist Countryside Properties PLC in designing the first phase of development (175 houses) plus infrastructure and landscape for this important development in Maidstone, Kent, building upon a Consent we enabled in 2017. Detailed Consents for Phase 1 have now been received, the contractor is on site with infrastructure and show homes and major landscape works are about to start.