We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

We make places.

Our award-winning approach brings together architecture, urban design, landscape architecture & the environment.

We create value for clients through quality design for development, obtaining Consents and producing places of distinction. Our integrated proposals combine design, environmental consultancy and consultation. At Public Inquiry we successfully demonstrate rigour by careful evidence-based design, carrying this thinking through to development completion.

Consents Achieved Recently


Borrow House Farm

At Borrow House Farm, in Surrey, we have recently received Consent for four luxurious houses on this attractive but challenging site; Greenbelt, the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, adjacent to an SAC and part of the Thursley, Hankley and Frensham Commons Site of Special Scientific Interest, this Consent required ingenuity in designing three modern houses adding to the Greenbelt’s “openness”, overcoming environmental objections.

Old Soar Granary

Consent has been received for a major extension to a single house, reuse of Greenbelt land as garden/amenity space, and a new access drive in the Greenbelt and in the Old Soar and Allens Conservation Area.

Which Way Westerham?

Acting for the Squerryes Estate at Westerham in Kent, Rummey Design is commissioned to undertake masterplanning, technical and consultation processes to consider land for allocation for housing, a by-pass, environmental regeneration, landscape restoration and consultation. Taking a hundred year view the aim is to produce additional housing in the context of a revitalised town with excellent environmental and social credentials, through positive custodianship. Read more in our pdf brochure.

Reigate Grammar School

Working with staff and Governors at Reigate Grammar School, Rummey Design has developed a strategy to improve the school's external environment, focussed on a new landscape for the Peter Harrison Foundation Centre, under construction.  The strategy will improve the working environment for staff and students, rationalising vehicular and pedestrian circulation and greatly enhancing the ambience of the School.

Bletchley Park tourism masterplan

With tourism consultants, we produced a new masterplan based on historical research to allow this world famous wartime code-breaking centre to accept more visitors, without damaging its delicate fabric.  This was accompanied by a business plan as the basis for funding bids for Interpretation.  As the birthplace of the digital computer Bletchley Park attracts interest from a wide spectrum of the population, from veterans and their families to children of the digital age.