The Oxford Science Park

Rummey Design masterplanned this 60,000 sqm science park for Magdalen College, Oxford. Over 18 years, we negotiated major planning consents and designed all hard & soft landscapes.

The park includes 20 new research / office buildings, a nursery school, incubator units, restaurants and conference facilities. These cutting-edge facilities are designed into an extensive new landscape of lakes, woodlands & nature reserves.




United Kingdom

Project Status



Magdalen College Oxford & Prudential Portfolio Managers

Site Area

14.80 ha

Project Area

6.00 ha

Industry Sectors

research, offices, workspace

A vision brought to life

Magdalen College of Oxford University initiated this project and were later joined by Prudential Portfolio Managers Limited.

The client wished to provide an environment to nurture the commercialisation of university research. They also wished to diversify their historic property portfolio.

The park is now the workplace of 1,000 research & associated staff. It is the preferred location for many research related companies in the Oxfordshire / Thames Valley area.

Our Role

  • Masterplanner
  • Negotiated major planning consents
  • Designed hard & soft landscapes
  • Landscape maintenance over 20 years
  • Overseer of park development over time

During the project duration of 20 years we coordinated:

  • 8 firms of architects
  • 2 firms of engineers
  • 2 project managers
  • Several changes of client

Landscape Design

Soft landscape

A variety of land and waterscapes were designed and established. These include:

  • new woodlands
  • lakes
  • amenity landscapes - parks & gardens.
  • ecological landscapes
  • a nature reserve

Our strategy also involved the management of Littlemore Brook, a former drain from Thames Water land.

These landscapes are flourishing and provide significant added value to the Park.

Hard landscape

Car parking was woven into the landscape through planted "living structures" and carefully designed ground parking.

Bridges over existing watercourses form attractive amenities, protecting and enhancing the natural ecologies.

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Discover the Science Park

The Oxford Science Park's website can be seen here.

water and landscape

buildings and infrastructure



concept design to implementation