Coventry Phoenix Initiative

The Coventry Phoenix Initiative, shortlisted for the Stirling Prize for Architecture 2004, won the RTPI City Centre Regeneration Award and a Civic Trust Commendation 2004.

The aim was to use the potential of change through development to improve the city for the future. Further regeneration was made possible by re-using derelict land, presenting the City’s rich culture and archaeology, creating public spaces of quality and strengthening links through the City. Working with well-known architects, Rummey Design’s role was to act as masterplanner and landscape architect to help create a coherent regeneration plan, focused on public spaces of different characters.


Coventry, UK


United Kingdom

Project Status



The City of Coventry

Site Area

50.00 ha

Project Area

100.00 ha


MacCormac Jamieson Prichard - Architects
Speirs and Major - Lighting Designers
Ashgate Development Management Services - Project Management
WT Partnership - Cost Consultants


‘Place’ is a key idea in this regeneration project. We produced five major spaces of different characters and serving different needs; quiet contemplative spaces, harder meeting spaces with cafes and bars, celebration space and a public garden all represented the City’s past, present, and aspirational future. This was a Millennial Project, so the concept of time was important.

Expressing quality through public art was integral to the project vision. Rummey Design worked with five artists and a variety of other consultants to bring about this complex project.


  • Susanna Heron
  • Jochen Gerz
  • David Ward
  • Kate Whiteford
  • David Morley
  • Chris Browne
  • Francoise Schein
  • Alex Beleschenko

the journey

Five specific spaces were created linking functions within a coherent masterplan to form a ‘journey'. Archaeological excavation, ancient buildings, the City walls and modern features played their part in defining and connecting these spaces.

client testimonial

"The Phoenix Initiative has delivered exactly what we set out to deliver. It has united key elements within the city, it has re-established the ancient topography of the city, it has rediscovered our very rich past but given a very clear manifestation of our very positive future. It is truly a regeneration scheme were artists, architects, and other professionals have applied their imagination and skill to positively impact upon the lives of people and their future".

- John McGuigan, Coventry City Council, Phoenix Architecture/Regeneration, Black Dog Publishing 2004


  • Coventry Phoenix Initiative, English Partnerships award for Partnership in Regeneration
  • Coventry Phoenix Initiative, BURA Award for Best Practice in Regeneration
  • Winner (team) RIBA Architecture Award, The Phoenix Initiative, Coventry
  • Shortlisted for the Stirling Prize (team), The Phoenix Initiative, Coventry (with architect McCormac Jameson and Pritchard)
  • Winner of RTPI City Centre Regeneration Award for the Coventry Phoenix Initiative
  • Civic Trust Commendation for Coventry Phoenix Initiative
  • Masterplanner/landscape architect to the winning team for the £26m Phoenix Initiative for Coventry City Council